What Students Really Want To Know From Employers

By Jessi Stickel on November 7, 2015

Most college students at least consider getting a job while they’re still in college — whether it is because they want to get experience under their belt for their potential career, or they are just sick of buying the cheap toilet paper for their apartment.

Interviews and employers can sometimes be super intimidating and nerve-racking. When a student is at a job interview they have tons of questions that they are hesitant to ask the employer, but really want to know. Here are some of those important questions that students actually want to know about the job position.

1. How much are we talking?


Salary/amount per hour is the first thing that comes to a student’s mind when looking or interviewing for a job. I mean let’s face it, the primary reason to get a job at any point in your life is to get paid. This especially applies to students, as being broke 24/7 and knowing their student loans will need to be paid off soon gets overwhelming financially.

Depending on what type of job a student is going for, the pay is pretty crucial. If a student is looking at a retail or restaurant job, they want to make sure the stress of a job like that is worth the pay they will be earning. However, if a student is interested in a job in the field they would like to pursue and have a career in, the experience is the most important thing, and then of course the pay comes second.

2. How often are raises given?

If students are interested in just getting a retail or restaurant type of job, and the pay is lower than expected, an important aspect that comes to mind is salary raises. Students may be hesitant to ask, but this factor may play a major role in the decision to take a job position.

These type of jobs are easier than most, but many of them are stressful and have drama that goes along with it, so if the pay isn’t great, knowing that it is likely or possible to get a raise in a few months could give a student a positive attitude and relief.

3. Do I need to dress up?


This is probably the most frequent question students have in their mind during an interview or hiring, but are scared to ask. If a student is not very familiar with the company’s atmosphere, it’s tough to figure out what exactly to wear on the first day.

Students can have major anxiety on a first day, and not being confident in their outfit just adds to the stress. The last thing students want to do is show up on the first day overdressed or worse, underdressed. So employers, save students the worry and just say what the dress code is.

4. Do I get an employee discount?

If a student is looking into a retail or restaurant position, one of the first things that comes to mind is, “How much is my employee discount?” especially with girls at clothing stores. Getting a discounted rate is a great incentive for employers to take advantage of when it comes to winning over students.

It may not be a huge deal, but it is definitely something students are a little shy to ask about in an interview.

5. Is it okay if I check my phone when necessary?


Knowing if they can check their phone on the job isn’t necessarily an ultimatum for students; however, it is something they think about. When you’re a student, checking your email can be very critical at times, so it’s important to know whether they are going to cross a line or break the rules when they want to take a quick peak at their email or messages.

6. How many (if any) breaks do I get?

Students have a lot on their plate as it is, and taking on a job adds to the pressure as well. Depending on what type of job or position a student is interested in, the amount or duration of breaks can be crucial.

The average student does not get enough sleep and is pretty much tired throughout the day, which is not an excuse for slacking off at work, but they do not want to be worn out and worked to the bone without having a break all day, then have to go home and write a paper.

This may not be essential to every student, but it is good to know before taking a position or even to be aware of before the first day.

7. How flexible is my schedule exactly?


Knowing how flexible a job’s schedule will be is very important to students before actually accepting a position. Being a student is a full-time job as it is, and many times professors give students assignments last minute, or students may have to really focus on studying for their final exams.

You never really know what may come up as a student, so it is crucial to know if it is possible to call in ahead of time when something school related comes up, without being frowned upon or even fired.

8. What are my chances for advancement in the future?

This question especially comes to mind when a student is looking into a position in a field or at the place where they desire to pursue a career. Everyone knows that you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top in any business. However, when a student takes a “bottom” position, it is important to know they have the ability to work their way up when they show their employer their capability.

If they are looking for a potential career at a business, they don’t want to waste their time at a place where they won’t grow mentally or within the career.

9. How professional is the setting?


It’s also important for students to know how professional the office setting will be before actually showing up for the first day. Students want to know what to expect and can perform better if they have a certain mindset of how to present themselves and interact with fellow employees.

It is just something that is nice to know that students are thinking about before their first day on the job.

By Jessi Stickel

Uloop Writer
University of Maryland
My name is Jessi. I love entertainment news and enjoy writing about my favorite celebrities and films. I love to travel and see different places. I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I am happy to be a part of Uloop's national team!

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